To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter in support of any grant applications that Education Advocacy of the Central Coast is applying for.

Our daughter, Hannah, is fortunate enough to have Brad Bailey as her educational advocate.  Brad volunteers his services to do this, traveling several hours each way for IEP meetings, and spending dozens of hours on paperwork and correspondence.  He does this because he cares.  He cares that Hannah has already been through enough in her short life (a battle with cancer).  He cares that we, her parents, already have enough on our plates.  And he cares that one child is at risk of slipping through the cracks of educational red tape and sloppiness.

Brad came to us in the spring of 2007, and continues to work with us.  In that time, he has opened up a whole world to us: a world of rights and benefits—and empowerment.  He helped us negotiate with a district that was procrastinator at best, intractable at worst.  Hannah’s case came to the brink of legal action before her IEP was fully resolved.  In a situation where relations with the school could easily have become strained, Brad was able to exert appropriate pressure without harming these relationships.

Mr. Bailey is knowledgeable, thorough and persistent.  He is able to assess a situation quickly, identifying what assistance is needed, and how to obtain it.  His follow through is impeccable.  We can say without hesitation that without his help, Hannah’s education would be on a steady decline.

We sincerely hope that your business sees fit to award grant monies to Education Advocacy of the Central Coast.  Without this advocacy, families such as ours are completely powerless to advocate for their children due to the complex issues involved.  Brad Bailey, and his colleagues, is making measurable differences in our world, one child at a time.  “ A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.”

Very truly yours,

Ronald Genauer
Teresa Genauer

Dear Mr. Bailey:

I am writing to thank you for your passionate and knowledgeable advocacy for my son, Joseph, who is a special education student.

I appreciate your extensive research, professional approach at IEP meetings for my son, and your willingness to advocate for him in the midst of many professional educators that far outnumbered us at all meetings.  Your research uncovered a very unhealthy behavior plan that was detrimental to my health of my diabetic son.  You supported him by going to his juvenile court hearings and working with his attorney to present the judge with facts that helped him to formulate his rulings in my son’s behalf.

I also appreciate that you keep me constantly informed of what you were doing, what you discovered, and asked for my input along the way.  We developed a plan together before the meetings attended, ad stuck to our plan as a team.  We managed to work out some very difficult and detailed services for Joseph that I could not do on my own.

I would highly recommend you advocacy services to parents who are serious about wanting the best education plan available for their son or daughter.

Your volunteer services, time, and expenses incurred at no cost to us, were a lifesaver and most appreciated!

I hope that you can continue to receive donations and grants to deep up your vital volunteer work with special needs children.  It can make such a dramatic and positive difference in the short and long-term of their lives and that of their families.  




Mother of Joseph

To Whom It May Concern:

   I highly recommend Brad Bailey’s organization “Education Advocacy of the Central Coast” for any grants or donations you may have available.  Brad has been helping my son and me for almost two years now.  His services have been so very necessary to my son’s well being.  Brad has helped us navigate the extremely complicated special education and county services maze.  He attends meetings with us, gives me advice, helps me understand things by phone and email, and visited at Juvenile Hall and his current group home, YTP.  He even was willing to challenge the political and legal systems when rights were violated.  Whenever I have a question or need advocacy, he is always willing and able to step in and be of assistance.  Even though I am a California Credentialed Teacher with 13 years of teaching experience, the special education system is so confusing that I would have been lost without Brad’s help.  I would not have been able to secure all of the services that my son is now receiving without him.  He has donated countless hours of time, gas for traveling to meetings, and other expenses without any funds from me.  Our family appreciates this so much because we are struggling just to make ends meets.  We are so thankful that our son is able to receive the advocacy services he so needs even thought we do not have the funds for it.  We feel that all children need this type advocacy and hope that “Education Advocacy of the Central Coast” will be able to continue serving.  Brad has a heart for helping all children and the expertise to go along with it!



 Dear Brad:

During the last several months, you have assisted my son Kevin and our family advocating for him at his IEP meetings.  I contacted you upon referral from a friend at work and you have been with us since that time providing us with continued support.

I want you to know that my husband, Troy and I appreciate what you have done for us and our seven-year-old son on a volunteer basis.  Kevin has experienced some academic, social, and emotional issues that forced us to place him outside of his regular school setting.  While not the ideal setting, we went ahead with the advice of the district IEP Team and, once placed in the county’s emotional disturbances class at ------ we learned the reality of that placement and it’s negative effect on our son. We just wanted him to go back to his regular school and viewed this as a way to bring him back to his local school setting.

Through a variety of IEP meetings and constant emails, phone calls, and very difficult negotiations, you remained steadfast as our son’s advocate.  In spite of offending your peer educators and disagreeing with them on several points, we finally managed to get a workable IEP that is centered on my son, rather that the fiscal and resources that plague school districts and those who say they are doing things in the best interest of children.  We ourselves relied upon you to give us our options and lay them out on the table with honesty so we could make informed decisions as to what is best for our son.


We hope that the non-profit organization that you formed to raise money and bring services to every family facing special education issues (and there are many in our county), will be able to prosper so no family is left without an advocate for one of the most important learning periods in their child’s life.  We also appreciate the education you provided us so we can continue to advocate for our son in the years ahead, and teaching us the skills so we can help other families that we know facing similar challenges.



Laura and Troy

Dear Brad;

We are taking this opportunity to thank you for all your support, time and effort over the last two years.  You have been an excellent source of information and comfort as we have tried to weave ourselves through the legal maze of educational County and district law and rights in regards to our teenage son.  We turned to you in desperation two years ago after receiving no response from the community educational system for 30 days, while in the meantime watching our son spiral downhill.  You saw us immediately and within 24 hours had meetings and paperwork in place to assist us.  We left our first meeting not only with hope, but wondering why we hadn’t sought you out sooner.

Initially a wealth of information , you have continued to advise us through the many ups and downs of our son’s high school career.  Your expertise of law and procedure has been of great value in our decision-making.  For the past two years you ha ve stood by us and our son, volunteering to spend your own time traveling to meetings, even court procedures if necessary.  Your timely response to our phone calls and e-mails is admirable, and your advice on school transitions warranted.  You have advocated for our child in the face of dissention, pointing out our son’s rights, knowing it does not always win you popularity with friends and administrations.  College graduates and teachers, we had found ourselves at a loss, so it is difficult to imagine what an outsider to the educational world might experience.  Your advocacy has enriched and inspired us, and it’s been a pleasure to work with you.  We appreciate your dedication to student rights and your sensitivity to children, and we thank you for extending your kindness and care to our family.


Pat and Karen

WOW!  This has been such a long process.  There is no doubt that we would not be where we are today, if we did not have you.  I know you have seen how emotional I am and how passionate I am about my kids.  I have said it before but you give me strength because I know you will always be there to back me up, or get me back on the right track.  You have been a Godsend and I thank God that you came into our life.

I know that this is not over but we have made it to the World Series.


Thank you again for EVERYTHING you have done for us.


Troy and Laura S.