Education Advocacy of the Central Coast

Over 31 Years Experience Advocating for Thousands of Central Coast Students and Families

  • Has your child struggled in school over a prolonged period of time?
  • Concerned with your child’s lack of academic growth?
  • Social/Emotional or Mental Health Issues interfering with learning?
  • Does your child qualify for an Individual Education Plan/504 services?
  • Current IEP/504 Plan being Implemented and Followed as Written? 


We offer assistance with: Initial Assessment, IEP Attendance and Experienced Advocacy for IEP & 504 Services, Child/Families’ Rights, Critical Timeline Requirements, Personal Contact & Advocacy with School Personnel, Analysis of Student Records & Assessment Results, and much more.

Over 31 Years Experience Advocating for Thousands of 
Central Coast Students and Families

Advocate Experience: School District Superintendent, Elementary and
High School Principal, Director of Special Education & Teacher K-12

California State Credentials: Special Education*Administration*Regular Education

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